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My window on the world

The difficult part lies in starting. It is an ancient proverb that made me think a lot when I set myself the goal of realizing my dream.

Since I was a child, singing makes me happy, so in 2020 I wanted to give a name, a place, a space to live out my passion for music.

The times were dictated by an event that hindered the birth of mine like many other projects. As the COVID-19 pandemic was raging, I rolled up my sleeves and was able to create my dream place, my singing school, while continuing to study and train.

Today I realize another dream. That of communicating it to everyone. I thought about a welcoming message, a catchy phrase, one of those that are written in songs we never forget and sing in the most unexpected moments of the day.

But then I realized that I want to communicate myself and my passion to my students, the passion that made me overcome all obstacles and create my website.

A single welcoming phrase wouldn't suffice because this website, my window to the world, is something I desired so much, and it's finally online.

It is a tool that I want to share, to give everyone the opportunity to interact with me and book their lesson, in total freedom.

It was in the list of good intentions, where today I highlighted with a red marker my new dedicate time and attention to those who make me feel good, my students to whom I dedicate this goal.

Daniela Romano

Daniela Romano, vocal trainer

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