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About me

Daniela Romano

The passion for music!

Music is a fundamental part of my life. It's that set of sounds and words that has always accompanied me.

Over the years, through music, I have been able to express my emotions, my thoughts and my moods.

As a child, it was a dream to be able to move my fingers on these black and white keys. I later discovered that the instrument was me, my voice, and with commitment and dedication, today singing fills my days with music.

Daniela Romano Vocal Trainer
Daniela Romano Vocal Trainer

"Thanks to music, I have been able to express everything I have inside."

Over the years, I sang in different musical groups and choirs.

Then I decided that music would also be my work, and I began a course of study with Maestro Marco Clarizia, the creator of the Natural Mix Singing® method, first becoming a student and later a certified third-level teacher.

If your love for music is as great as mine, I can guide you on a path of growth towards success. 

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