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My method

Natural Mix Singing®

Free the voice from tensions, increase range, improve agility, expression, intonation, learn to manage vibrato and dynamics.

All this is possible with the right technique.


Try to imagine that you are driving your car and that you are stationary and need to make a hill start: to get moving again without shocks you will have to strike a perfect "balance". To be able to use this mode, each voice must take a different path, because each voice is naturally accustomed to facing changes in register in its own way... this is where the vocal technique teacher comes in, who knows which exercises are suitable for each of the individual student's needs.

Natural Mix Singing

The goal is to put the student in the conditions to build his/her voice, connecting it along the entire vocal range thanks to the perfect balance of the registers. 

Image by Steven Erixon
Image by Rachel Loughman

The exercises

The exercises are personalized and built according to the needs of each student. There is no one-size-fits-all process. There is a goal to be achieved and for everyone the path will be different. 

Specific exercises that aim to achieve the balance between breathing, vibration of the vocal cords and resonance will allow you to eliminate the tensions that block a singer.

The mix

The mix is the ability to manage changes in register without the listener hearing any break in the voice.

This is achieved by "mixing"," blending" and "balancing" the chest voice and the head voice as we move up in the tonal range.

Image by Luke Thornton

The core of the method lies in achieving vocal balance. Thanks to exercises designed for every specific need, you will learn to "balance" your chest and head voice, obtaining a rich and homogeneous sound throughout the tonal range.

The key elements of proper vocal training


In each training session, your voice will be continuously evaluated to obtain the desired result from each exercise.

Vocal cords and Larynx - training

Specific exercises to warm up, train,

and stabilize. 


Application of the technique to the pieces, interpretation, work on the stage presence and on the microphonic technique.

If your love for music is as great as mine, I can guide you on a path of growth towards success. 

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