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"alternative activities", such as Sanremo Junior!

Sanremo Junior is a whirlwind of emotions. The Ariston lettering takes me all the way back to memories of when the guests were international artists, up to the present day, when "emerging" voices perform on stage that have already recorded dozens of songs. But in the meantime, think of all those singers who trembled on that stage before a performance.

Was this also the case for Giorgia and Elisa? I think so. Because the most fashionable stage of Italian music is certainly the most highly-anticipated show for those who enjoy music, even just out of curiosity (and not only to stand before international critics).

That stage was the dream of 40 young Italian singers, chosen from more than 300 candidates. Sanremo Junior (whose winner will represent Italy at Eurovision) is something to be experienced, despite the fact that Liguria is far away, if one of the forty candidates is your student, Alessia. Skilful, determined, talented Alessia.

Thanks to Alessia, who chose me as a vocal trainer two years ago, I had the chance to witness the dreams of those thoughtful and fearful kids before rehearsals and before their official performance.

I did not see heads slumped over mobile phones. They were all focused on listening to their peers/rivals. No voice was trembling. Excited, yes, but always confident, like that of my Alessia, who performed the very difficult song 'Speechless', from the Aladdin soundtrack. An original song designed for the character of Jasmine. A pop melody, which impresses with its lyrics and which lends itself to becoming an anthem of feminine strength and revenge.

This emotion is something that I also saw in the bright and shining eyes (not backlit by any mobile phone display) of her peers, who chose music to express themselves at their best, in a world that sometimes pretends not to listen.

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